Eve Meets the Counter Squad as Stellar Blade and Nikke Join Forces!

The feature image for news on the Stellar Blade Goddess Of Victory Nikke collab has 3 characters from nikke holding weapons on the left with the title of the game and a girl looking up at the firey sky with an explosion in the bacdrop with the words "stellar blade" on the right.

SHIFT UP’s PlayStation 5 exclusive game Stellar Blade has been a massive hit since its late April debut. The developer has teased two intriguing prospects for future updates, which fans greatly anticipated. Stellar Blade will soon have a boss challenge mode and a crossover with the well-liked mobile game Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

For the uninitiated, Stellar Blade is an action role-playing game with a strong narrative. Eve, an elite force member, is dispatched to Earth to fight an enigmatic alien danger, “The Naytiba.” Along the road, Eve encounters several unforgettable people, such as the talented engineer Lily and Adam.

What Do We Know So Far?

The potential partnership between Stellar Blade and Nikke has the gaming community buzzing with excitement. While the details will be released later, the prospect of Stellar Blade characters like Eve, Tachy, Lily, and boss Raven appearing in Nikke is exciting.

Eve, the badass protagonist from Stellar Blade, fighting alongside your Nikke squad. Or facing off against the formidable boss Raven in a special Nikke mission?

Additionally, the possibility of stylish Goddess of Victory: Nikke outfits being added to Stellar Blade could enhance the game’s appeal. This cross-promotion has the potential to introduce a whole new audience to the rich characters and settings of both games. This will benefit both games in the process. Based on what we know about SHIFT UP, the developer behind both games, this collaboration is likely to be a two-way street.

The official Nikke Twitter account recently announced the collaboration to celebrate Stellar Blade’s release. To commemorate this epic team-up, all Nikke commanders received 10x Advanced Recruit Vouchers. Now, an official release date for the collab and its event specifics hasn’t been given out yet but the rumours going around say it’s going to begin soon.

Now, if you aren’t a part of this community yet, you can get Goddess Of Victory: Nikke on Google Play!

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