Stellar Ghosts is a new third-person shooter that is now available for high-end Android devices

Developer Protofactor has released Stellar Ghosts, a third person shooter, onto Google Play. It was released earlier this year on Ouya before now making its way to Android devices now.

The game  has players taking the role of mercenaries who work for a corrupt intergalactic government, trying to maintain their financial interests. In other words you kill people and monsters for money. Even thoug the main bulk of the missions are killing people, there are other missions with different objectives to complete. If I have learned anything from science fiction, it is that mercenaries will take on anything as long as it pays well.

Right now this game comes with six playable characters which can all be upgraded in order to be able to fight against more difficult groups of enemies and larger bosses. Stellar Ghosts costs $0.99 and requires higher end devices including but not limited to Tegra 3 powered tablets, Galaxy S5, and the Kindle Fire HD. Stellar Ghosts’ visuals are all 3D rendered and since there’s a lot going on at any given time, you’ll want to make sure your device can handle it.

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