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Stories One is a Co-op FPS that Needs Your Help

Small indie success stories on mobile are fairly rare, but here’s your chance to do your bit and create one – well, kind of. Please do read on to find out more.


The game is called Stories One and is a co-operative first person shooter inspired by MOBAs. We don’t know a huge amount about it beyond the video shared on Reddit, which we’ve helpfully embedded for you above.

This looks a fairly slick experience though, with clear visuals, a steady frame-rate, and a range of weaponry to use. There’s in-game chat (voice and text) too, and it doesn’t look overly obtrusive. No mean feat for a game on a mobile screen.

However the development team is actively looking for feedback on the title. We know the Droid Gamers audience is one of the most outspoken and knowledgeable group of mobile gamers out there, so this is definitely something you may want to consider helping with. Yes, you!

Just join the Discord community now – where you can get a download link to try out the game.

Are you looking for a game that’s already out we’ve got you covered too though. Simply check out this week’s feature on the best new Android games that have just come out.

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