Storm The Castle is a new fast-paced RTS game with RPG elements

Playtime has released their second game onto Android called Storm The Castle which is an RTS game with RPG elements layered over it. This game is all about capturing castles and building up your army until you can defeat your enemy in each stage.

Along the way you will have the ability to improve your troop’s stats and unlocking new spells which will be needed if you plan to actually win the war at hand. There are four clans in this game, each one based off of one of the four elements: wind, water, air, earth. You will start off picking one of these elements to represent before heading out into the battlefield to defeat the opposing clans.

Storm The Castle Features:

– 30 unique levels with beautiful graphics.
– Rivers, bridges, towers and mines give strategic depth to each level.
– 3 boss battles, each with individual mechanics.
– RPG elements like spells and stats improvements.
– 11 special modes to spice things up:
* Fast Forward – Play X3 the normal speed.
* Switcheroo – Switch with your enemy every 10 seconds.
* Blackest Night – See the castles alone with a pitch black surrounding.
– 4 clans to choose from:
* Water – swimming across rivers.
* Earth – strong defense.
* Fire – strong offense.
* Air – high speed.

Each element has their own strength as well, such as Fire having strong offensive stats while Water-based troops have the ability to swim across rivers. This game is pretty face-paced as well, with each turn having around a 10 second period of time. This means you will have to be quick and strategic at the same time.

Storm The Castle is now available on Google Play for free and offers up optional IAPs as well should you want to take advantage of them.

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