Storm8 releases a new video, brings you more Harlem Shake and Pikachus

So if you’ve been connected to the internet at least once in the past few weeks then you’ve probably at least heard of the new viral dance videos revolving around the Harlem Shake song, if not at least seen a plethora of the videos yourself. Well Storm8 has decided to get in on the action as well.

The dance in these new videos very loosely resembles the actual Harlem Shake dance but really, who cares. Some of them are pretty damn funny. You can watch Storm8’s Harlem Shake video below and afterwards contemplate on the rarity of three people in the same office actually owning full Pikachu costumes. The poor dog in the video must also be vastly confused as to why his owner has the head of a horse suddenly. You can also check out Google’s version here in case you missed it.

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