Narrative Puzzler Storyteller Coming To Android Via Netflix

Feature image for our Storyteller Android release news piece. It shows a set of story panels where a Baron dressed up as a dragon and kidnaps the queen.

We’re set to see a Storyteller Android release before the end of the Summer. The narrative-crafting puzzle game will release via Netflix on September 26th of this year. The game should be freely available to anyone with a Netflix subscription, as with other mobile games under the company’s now-formidable roster of titles.

New Content Added To The Base Game

The release also brings some new characters aboard to bring extra chaos to your tales. You’ll have The Devil, who is sure to hot things up. On the flipside, there’s the Dog, who nearly everyone can adore.

The update also brings all-new scenarios. Take a romp through the Garden Of Eden and create a few stories of biblical proportions with the Devil’s help.

Storyteller is a puzzle game based around building tales of love, murder, frogs, and witches with the resources available.

Tell Tall Tales

The game gives you an outline of the story you need to tell, and gives you the key players, scenery, and a certain number of panels to tie the tale up with a satisfying ending. It’s up to you to place everyone properly to act out each scene from the story.

Characters might object a little if you try and make them do anything too contrary to their personalities, so don’t take too many liberties.

Arrange each scene by placing characters and settings to tell a coherent story and you’ll complete the level.

It’s easy to learn, but harder to master as you try and figure out a resolution. You might find there’s more than one way to approach each problem.

If this sounds right up your street, the Annapurna Interactive official YouTube channel broke the news, so it may be worth keeping an eye out there for updates.

If you want some games to play while you wait down the clock for Storyteller, or just want to try something different, check out our news piece on the best new Android games this week.

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