Stranger Things is the next IP to get a Pokémon GO-like mobile game, and this one makes sense

Stranger Things Android

Stranger Things is the next IP to get itself a Pokémon GO-like location-based mobile game, and this one actually makes sense.

After all, the upside down, which is presumably what the location-based AR stuff will be based on, is actually a parallel universe in the show.

Stranger Things the mobile game will have you tracking down Upside Down stuff in the real world

So it’s not a huge logical leap that we’ll be tracking down upside down stuff using our phones. Sounds fun, if a little scary.

It’s currently under development at Next Games, in partnership with Netflix, and will launch some time in 2020.

That’s all we really know about this right now, but you can bet we’ll update you as soon as we learn more.

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