A New Switch Emulator Sets Out To Take Skyline’s Place

Feature image for our Strato emulator news piece. It shows the Strato logo, three circles in a diamond pattern, on a dark grey background.

Note: The Strato developers have announced that a site claiming to be an official website for Strato is, in fact, a scam site. Please check out the project’s Discord and GitHub if you want to learn more or give the developers some love!

The Strato emulator, a new Switch emulator seems poised to step into the space left behind by the end of Skyline’s development. The Nintendo Switch emulator for Android builds off Skyline, and seeks to continue the project.

From The Ashes Of Skyline

With a heavy heart, we recently reported on the end of the Skyline Emulator, a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android. The developers ended the project of their own accord, citing Nintendo’s DMCA against Lockpick_RCM as the reason.

Lockpick_RCM was what the developers on Skyline’s team used to assist with dumping game files for use on the emulator, so the DMCA threw the legality of its use into question. Unwilling to leave themselves open to potential legal action, the project’s development ended abruptly.

Now, there’s Strato. As you might expect, it’s quite similar to Skyline so far. It’s an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator for ARMv8 Android devices.

You can check out Strato’s development via its official Discord and GitHub.

What Lies In Strato’s Future?

So the question at the end of all this is undoubtedly: Will Strato end up in trouble? That’s hard to say for certain.

Skyline itself hadn’t specifically attracted the ire of Nintendo at the time the project closed, but the devs were concerned that Lockpick_RCM, and security key tools like it were now in the company’s crosshairs.

The world of emulation is always a little murky, and nothing is ever guaranteed, but the developers seem confident in proceeding forward.

We can’t wait to see what the Strato emulator offers and whether continued development means more Switch games playable on our favorite platform.

Interested in hearing a bit about the end of the Skyline saga? Check out our news piece on the end of development for the Skyline emulator.

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