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Street Fighter Duel is Getting a Worldwide Launch

Street Fighter Duel has been out in China for about a year now, but over the weekend Capcom confirmed that its character-collecting RPG is going to be going global in the not-too-distant future.

The game sees you building up a team of world warriors, then taking them into turn-based battles to prove that your bunch is the most fightingest. That’s not an official description of the game by any means.

But it’s fair to say the game isn’t a straight-up conversion of the classic quarter-circle fighting we all know and love. Nor is it a riff on Puzzle Fighter. Which is also a shame.

Here comes a new challenger

The game has been developed by Topjoy and Tencent, with input from Capcom, and features a roster of 30 characters. They’re split into different elements, including Wind, Mountain, Fire, Forest and Dark. None of those are actually elements, so let’s call them types instead.

That pretty much covers everything we know about Street Fighter Duel right now, but you can rest assured that when we hear a global launch date, you’ll be the first people we let know. Honest.

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