Street Fighter gets a literary makeover in upcoming game Word Fighter.

All of you masters of word games out there will soon have another one to get your hands on and slug it out to see who knows how to spell better. Word Fighter, not to be confused with the Word Fighter Lite game already out, brings combat word spelling to Android.

With Word Fighter you will be able to shoyuken your opponent in the face with an actual word. It terms of word gameplay, Word Fighter is a mesh between Scrabble and Boggle where you have to form words out of the scrambled letters on your side. To do this you have to follow the rules of Boggle where to make words, each letter tile must be touching another in the word you’re forming. Now here comes the fun part…

Once you create a word, the higher the score of your word is, just like in Scrabble, the stronger your attack will be and the more damage you will do. Each character also has three special skills they can use to buff up their attacks with or try and mess up the other player. The skills are pretty interesting and range from tripling the power of your attack to stealing your opponents skills or hiding letters from them.

This is a true multiplayer game at heart but there will be a single player mode as well. In single player mode though you won’t be fighting against a computer opponent but a horde of monsters instead which you have to defeat using specific words that need to be spelled. Overall though the game does look pretty fun and the multiplayer mode is where the real fun will be had. Word Fighter is slated for release later this Fall on Android as well as iOS. No word on pricing just yet.

Side Note: We mentioned earlier about a game on the Android Market called Word Fighter Lite. This game has no relation at all to the Word Fighter we talked about in this article. Word Fighter is developed by Feel Every Yummy.

Developer Website: Feel Every Yummy

Website Referenced: DIYGamer

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