Streets of Rage 4 Coming to Android in May

Playdigious has revealed that it’s bringing the long-awaited new addition to one of the hallmark beat-’em-ups of the 16bit era – Streets of Rage 4 – to mobile. And more than that, it’s given us a release date as well.

The game sees you brawling your way through the mean streets. You’ll be punching, you’ll be kicking, you’ll be throwing. And you’ll be looking like a badass all the while.

The game won and was nominated for a bunch of awards after its original console release, so it’s great to see that it’s making its way to mobile now. Here’s the release date-revealing trailer.

The game is going to be a premium release, with zero micro-transactions. There are a bunch of characters to unlock, different modes to play through, and retro graphics settings if you long for the pixels of your youth.

The online multiplayer component of the game won’t be included at launch, but it’ll come later as a free update. And it’s going to support controllers as well.

Pre-registration for Streets of Rage 4 has already gone live on the Play Store, and you can click that link just there to get your pre-order in. Do that and you’ll save 10% on the game’s launch price.

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