Stupid Zombies 3 is a zombie-filled puzzle game arriving on July 22nd

Stupid Zombie 3 is the latest installment into the Stupid Zombie franchise and this one will be arriving onto Android on July 22nd. Developed by GameResort, this is an action-puzzle game where the goal in each stage is to kill all the zombies. However, to actually accomplish this, you will need to plan your shots carefully as you only have a few available to you.

This also means that you’ll need to kill multiple zombies in one shot. Thankfully, some shots that you will be making will be defying the laws of physics by the looks of it, bouncing off walls and knocking over blocks being a couple of examples. You’ll need to make sure you have as many zombies in range with a single shot as possible for combo kills. Zombies can be killed by the bullets as well as other various ways caused by the bullets, such as getting crushed by crates knocked over, barrels of fuel blowing up, and so on.


Stupid Zombies 3 Features:

– More than 100 challenging levels in three unique settings
– 3 main characters with their own unique weapons for players to blast, burn, and blow up the zombie hordes.
– Varied zombie positions and paths offer endless replayability
– New power-ups let you rewind an errant shot or keep firing when you run out of ammo.

 For those of you who enjoyed the first two games, or any newcomers to the series who want to try it out for the first time, Stupid Zombies 3 will be landing on Android next week on July 22nd. We it does launch, it will be available for free with optional IAPs. We will post an update once this game arrives.

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