Super Dynamite Fishing released onto the Android Market.

A new game was recently released onto the Android Market from developer HandyGames called Super Dynamite Fishing. As the name suggests, you’ll be fishing with sticks of dynamite (among other items) which, honestly, is how fishing should be done, if it were legal. Since it is not legal, however, we can at least do it in this game.

In Super Dynamite Fishing, you are a redneck with no money and as such you decide to join some lucrative fishing business. With all kinds of items and boats (with upgrades) and you handy sticks of dynamite, you sail around various bodies of water to catch fish, gut them and make money. Interestingly enough, apparently you can still gut a fish even though you are catching them with dynamite.


  • Crazy fishing action with dynamite
  • Open world for gill hunting rich in variety
  • Huge arsenal and gigantic ships to choose from
  • Dozens of fish in the sea, lakes and rivers
  • Daily quests and many rewards
  • Crazy story with even crazier characters
  • Lunatic achievements and wild high score chases
  • Fun cartoon-style graphics



Overall this seems to be a pretty entertaining game and one that you can play casually or hardcore, depending on the amount of time you have to kill. As with all HandyGames for the most part, the free version is actually the full version but ad supported. They also offer a paid full version of Super Dynamite Fishing without ads.

Some people are experiencing some freezing in the game on certain devices. HandyGames are usually on top of things when it comes to fixing bugs and updates so you can expect an update soon.

Developer Website: HandyGames

Web Market Link: Super Dynamite Fishing

Direct Market Link: Super Dynamite Fishing

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