Super Hexagon’s Android port is coming soon, just not for Nexus 7 owners

We reported back in September of last year that the developer behind the hit iOS and PC game Super Hexagon was considering making a port of his game for Android devices. Well Terry Cavanagh has confirmed that the Android port is coming soon for Android gamers to enjoy, except if you own a Nexus 7 tablet.

In fact the Android version of Super Hexagon is basically done and is right now just going through some final testing. Super Hexagon is a sort of dynamic maze game where you have to keep your little shape in the safe spot. Each Hexagon that forms has a safe spot which you need to move your little shape to as it nears you in order to not die. It is a simple game to play but one that is very challenging to get good at and even more addictive.

So why not the Nexus 7? Well apparently it is the only device so far that Terry Cavanagh has found that causes a latency bug which renders the game ‘unplayable’ in the later levels when things get pretty hectic. Currently he is researching to make sure that this won’t happen on other Android devices and so far has only found the Nexus 7 to cause this sort of issue.

Once testing is done, Super Hexagon will be unleashed onto Google Play for Android devices that ‘can handle it’. Thankfully, it seems only the Nexus 7 has that problem.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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