Super Hexagon Updated and Back on Android

Super Hexagon is a wonderful, twitchy nightmare of a game, and its dev Terry Cavanagh has just announced that it’s back on Android, with a bunch of updates to make it work on modern phones.

The game now supports Android 11 and 12, and features new high frame rate rendering for devices with 90Hz, 120Hz and 144Hz displays. There are other tweaks to make it more playable on modern devices too.

Plus it now features controller support, so when everything goes wrong you can throw a lump of plastic at the wall instead of your expensive shiny phone. Here’s a trailer.

This is all very good news, because Super Hexagon is a very good game and everyone should be able to play it. It involves dodging ever encroaching walls, all set to a pumping soundtrack. It’s challenging and compulsive in ways most games only with they were.

You can click here to download Super Hexagon from the Play Store. It’s a premium game, and if you’ve already bought it you can download it again at no extra cost.

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