Surreal Tower Defense Game The Battle Cats Is Getting a Huge Month-Long Lunar New Year Event

Japanese indie developer PONOS Corporation is making the most of the Lunar New Year festivities in 2022 with a huge event in its biggest game. 

Starting on January 17th at 11am you’ll be able to complete daily tasks, stages, and more for rewards in The Battle Cats, the endearingly bonkers tower defense game.

In case you skipped over The Battle Cats when it launched globally in 2014, it’s a casual mobile game where the aim is to build, upgrade, evolve, and equip a cat army to defend your base. Your base is a Cat Cannon. 

Cats are definitely the main theme. 

And the main currency is Cat Food, which is what you use to summon new cats, gacha-style, and buy battle items to arm them with. 

Throughout the Lunar New Year event, which ends on February 14th at 10:59am, you’ll be able to absolutely rake in the cat food in a number of ways. 

For a start, you’ll earn Cat Food just for logging in every day and collecting a stamp. Then you’ll earn some more for completing stages on the Lunar New Year map. For each stage you finish you’ll bank a cool 20. 

You’ll get a free daily spin on the Wildcat Slots, too. The jackpot is a guaranteed 777, which is enough Cat Food to keep you going for a week (depending on your rate of Cat Food consumption).

And if you feel like taking a break from all the moggy warfare you’ll still be able to earn Cat Food by entering the contest on the official The Battle Cats Facebook page

As an extra added bonus, PONOS Corporation has also slashed the price of your first 11-Capsule Draw at the Rare Cat Capsule Machine by 50%, giving you a welcome headstart as you build your unstoppable feline battalion. 

To take advantage of this bounty, all you need to do is download The Battle Cats for free on Google Play or the App Store

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