Survive as long as you can by avoiding blocks in Block Havoc, now out on Google Play

Released by Dodo Built, Block Havoc is a simple, rhythm based game that’s just been released on to Android. In Block Havoc, players are simply looking to see how long they can stay alive, amassing a score that’s equal with their duration of play. Gameplay for Block Havoc is simple. Players will control a pair of plain, white circles near the center of the screen.

From any point along the periphery, other objects (usually rectangles) will approach the very center of the screen. Players will rotate the two circles around the center (as if it were a fixed axis), so as to allow the rectangles to pass freely through their orbit, without making any contact with the circles. To rotate the two circles clockwise, players simply tap and hold one side of the screen, the converse also applies when pressing down on the other side. While this is happening, an up tempo soundtrack starts playing, and the “wallpaper” for the game is changing as well, both in color as well as its geometric pattern.

The game includes multiple difficulty settings, as well as other options that can be unlocked when thresholds are met for point values at varying difficulty settings, such as “dark mode”, an “insane” difficulty, or the ability for users to change the color of the circles and rectangles.

Block Havoc is available from Google Play for free, with no mention of any IAPs.. Check out the trailer below, to see more of the game in action ahead of downloading it.

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