Survive deep space while rescuing a mysteriously lost star ship in Quaser, now out for Android

Set in deep space, Quaser is a new adventure game for the Android platform. In Quaser, players will tasked with the management of the eponymous ship, set out to rescue another starship and its crew, known as the Demeter. The Demeter set out almost a decade back, in search of a distant planet dubbed 228 Hydra.

Upon its arrival and ensuing orbit, some sort of anomaly occurred, causing the ship to shut down, after broadcasting cryptic messages back to earth. Players will look to solve this mystery, but must navigate all sorts of hazards in order to get there. System failures and dwindling resources must be managed or overcome in order to complete the journey and the mission. As the ship’s pilot, Alison Brown, who has been awoken by the ship’s AI as the problems begin to crop up, players will need to repair and/or upgrade things like hull integrity, power distribution systems, nuclear fission reactors, delegate repair bots, and more.

Quaser Features:

– Space survival and resource management
– Unique strategic gameplay
– Polished HD graphics
– A dark and melancholic ambience
– Epic enigmatic story
– Non-combat strategy
– High replay value

Quaser can be found on Google Play for a flat $1.99 with no IAPs included either. Check out the trailer below to see more about the game before grabbing a copy.

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