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Sword of Convallaria is Like Modern Fire Emblem, But With Pixel Art

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Sword of Convallaria pre-registration is now available! The long-awaited strategy RPG is due to launch this autumn/fall. It will be released on Android and PC simultaneously, allowing you to switch between devices from day one seamlessly.

For more information about Sword of Convallaria, you can visit the game’s official Steam page. If you wish to sign up for the pre-registration, you can do so on the game’s Google Play page!

What is Sword of Convallaria?

Embark on a brand-new journey through Iria, a breathtaking country where magic resides. However, there are factions who are not accepting of these magical abilities. Riots soon ensue, leaving Iria to fend for itself. You are the mercenary leader, and you’ve been tasked with protecting the nation. 

Collect a wide range of characters and assemble a powerful team of mercenaries to help you on the battlefield. Unlock brand-new skills and craft upgraded equipment for your allies at the forge. 

The gameplay focuses heavily on making choices throughout the story, allowing you to carve your own path. Combat-wise, you can expect to see turn-based tactical battles that work brilliantly with the game’s gorgeous pixel art. 

On the topic of pixel art, it blends beautifully with realistic 3D environments – a style that is becoming more prevalent in mobile games as time goes on. 

The Team Behind the Magic

Hitoshi Sakimoto, the mastermind behind music composed for FFXII and FF Tactics, worked on the soundtrack for Sword of Convallaria. This ensures that your experience with the game will be accompanied by memorable melodies.

XD Games, the team behind Sword of Convallaria, is responsible for other popular titles such as Human Fall Flat, Flash Party, Torchlight: Infinite, Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, and many more.

If you’re looking for new games to play while you wait for the launch of Sword of Convallaria, check out our Best Android Adventure Games guide.

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