Taichi Panda gets a new 5v5 mode, Mounts, Pets and more with the Annum Update

Snail Games has released their next big update for their Taichi Panda MMORPG called the Annum update. This new content expansion/update brings with it a number of new goodies and features for players to check out, including a new PvP mode, a new mount, and more.

Starting everything off, the Annum update brings a selection of new outfits themed around the new anniversary content for players to grab, dress up with, and check out. Once you’re looking all spiffy in your new outfit, if that’s your thing, you can then head over to the new 5v5 PvP Mode called the Chaos Battlefield. There you and four teammates can proceed to try and beat the crap out of the opposing team.

There is also a new mount available for players to earn called the Goldeye Beast. If you also collect pets, there is the new Thunder Lord pet that is making its debut today. The entire pet system has a new function as well called Pet Clans which is where players can try and learn new battle strategies with their pets. Existing pets also are getting new Enhancement and Awakening Skills as well. Rounding everything out is a new team-based raid dungeons to work your way through.

Lastly, there are plenty of bug fixes and optimizations arriving with the Annum update as well, which is here to celebrate the game’s birthday. If you have Taichi Panda installed, you can now grab this update from Google Play.

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