Taichi Panda Heroes updated with new hero for the Lunar New Year

Taichi Panda Heroes is well supported and oft updated, two things that can’t be overstated in the mobile gaming world. This week they’ve got their Lunar New Year update that will bring some freebies, and the new Hero General Bu. Rugged and Mysterious, this famed martial arts master is available now. For anyone logging in during the Lunar event, you’ll receive 200 bound diamonds and 500k gold, so just under ten bucks worth.

Here is the full changelog for the Renegade update:

1. New Hero – General Bu
2. New Kingmaker/Divine Sense Outfits for Maelor, Kasa, Pan Zel, and General Bu
3. Chapter 17 added
4. New mounts: Neptune, Apollo, Rompus 3000, and Ancient Dragon Crocodile
5. Upper level limit expanded to 105
6. Chat Function added in Blood War, Battlefield, King’s PvP, and King’s League
7. Daily Temper Limit extended from 30 to 100
8. New Dungeons added: The Pit and The Abyss
9. 6 Divine Items added
10. Max level of Estate Building expanded
11. Optimizations and bug fixes for existing systems

The update is now live so if you have the game installed, you can download it at any time. If you want to try this game out for the first time, Taichi Panda Heroes is available for free off of Google Play.

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