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Takoway is an Isometric 3D Puzzler Coming to Android October 3rd

Takoway is a minimalistic isometric puzzle game all about helping an adorable hexapus escape captivity. Escaping anywhere is difficult, so Tako will have to make some friends along the way if she will ever make it out of the laboratory.

Takoway – A Gorgeous Minimalist Puzzler

Tako is a six-legged octopus, created by science in a laboratory. It’s up to you to guide Tako out of the laboratory and to help her find her place in the real world.

The best part of the gameplay is that you change the perspective to escape. You can have two views, interior and exterior. Using a combination of two perspectives, and with a little help from your friends, Tako will escape in no time.

If you are interested in Takoway, you can pre-register from the Google Play store now.

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