Takt Op Symphony Pre-Download Goes Live Alongside First Collaboration News

feature image for our takt op symphony pre-download and collab news, the image features promo art of the character destiny as she holds her hand to her chest and holds her other arm out

The Takt Op Symphony pre-download is now available. Get ready for tomorrow’s exciting launch early, and get straight into the action as soon as the game hits Google Play. 

Not only has the pre-download dropped, but there’s also been an announcement regarding the game’s first collaboration!

For more information about the game, visit the official website. If you wish to pre-download the game prior to the launch on June 28, you can do so on Google Play.

The First Collaboration!

It’s pretty rare for a gacha game to reveal information about an upcoming collaboration before it’s even launched. However, it makes sense in this case. The first collaboration in Takt Op Symphony is with Takt Op Destiny. 

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, Takt Op Destiny is the anime series that the game is based on. In fact, it seems to be either a spin-off or a direct sequel. We won’t know properly until the game is officially out!

What to Expect From the Game

Takt Op Symphony is a must for those who enjoyed the anime series as it features familiar faces such as Asahina Takt and the iconic Musicart, Destiny. The full roster in the game includes brand-new characters to meet and collect. 

The launch date dawns as fans have patiently waited for the official release. Will it live up to the hype? Or will it satisfy the hunger of fans who want more content from the franchise? It’s looking to be a brilliant mobile game, but only time will tell if it’s successful enough to warrant a PC client in the future.

We recently reported on the latest promotional video for Takt Op Symphony, which gave us a stylish glimpse into the game’s lore. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on the official YouTube page!

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