Gacha RPG Tale Of Food is Now in Closed Beta In Select Countries

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The upcoming gacha RPG, Tale Of Food, has launched its closed beta in select countries. The countries in question are Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and America. The beta starts today on, and runs all the way to March 24.

You play as the Young Master, who inherits the Tale of Food. You are the heir to the Food God, and sinister forces threaten to tear down the long lasting peace in Kong Sang.

The campaign sees you working to uncover a hidden conspiracy that the enemies of the Food God have been plotting for years. Protect the Food Souls, become the representative that Kong Sang needs, and set forward on your path to an unknown world.

Tencent Games initially distributed the game in China way back in 2019, and since then, other servers have opened in Japan, Taiwan, and South East Asia. The studio is now bringing the game to a global audience.

Global Release

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the official global release of Tale Of Food will arrive. However, the fact that the game is undergoing closed beta testing suggests that the release is certainly nearing.

The official Tale Of Food Twitter account released some notes alongside the beta launch announcement. One of the notes stated that voice actors are still finishing up dialogue. If this is the last stage of the game’s development process, we could be expecting a release very soon. Going off this, as well as the beta’s existence, it’s not hard to imagine the game launching sometime this year. However, this is only speculation, so you should take it with a pinch of salt.

You can learn more about Tale Of Food by checking out the game’s fandom page.

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