Tales of Luminaria Pre-Registration Live on the Play Store

Namco Bandai announced at Gamescom at the end of August that a new Tales of… mobile game was on the way. That game was Tales of Luminaria, and pre-orders have just gone live on the Play Store. Which is cool, right?

The game features 21 different protagonists, each with their own story. These stories intertwine, and there are more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. You’ll meet loads of new NPCs, explore a massive world and get in a bunch of fights.

The game features cel-shaded graphics, there’s equipment and weapons to equip and you can team up with your pals to take on raids together. Yay for friendship. Here’s a trailer.

The game seems to be taking a different tack from Tales of Crestoria, Namco Bandai’s previous Tales of… mobile game. But it’s still going to be free to play.

If you’d like, you can click here to pre-register for Tales of Luminaria on the Play Store right this second. Or click here to find out more about the game at its slightly confusing official website.

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