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Tales of Wind, Laplace M’s western release, is out right now on Android

Tales of Wind Android

Laplace M has finally launched across the globe as Tales of Wind, the official western release of the hit mobile MMORPG.

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s an action-packed MMORPG with cutesy anime visuals.

Tales of Wind is Laplace M’s western release

You’ll create a character from a few standard MMORPG archetypes like Warrior, Assassin, Priest, and Mage and set out for adventure.

There’s a full-on single player mode full of cutscenes, (admittedly terrible) voice acting, and bosses to battle.

Then there’s literally a wealth of other PvE and PvP modes. This includes dungeons, special events, arena battles, escort missions, and more.

Tales of Wind Android

When you fancy chilling, you can take care of your very own farm Stardew Valley style. There’s an absolute ton of content.

If you’re a fan of MMORPGs, we strongly recommend checking out this one on Google Play right now.

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