Tapstar Interactive will be releasing Alice in Wonderland: Golf Puzzle Adventures this week

Do you like Mini Golf? How about Alice in Wonderland? If you answered “Yes” to both of those questions, TapStar Interactive and Paladin Studios have a game coming for you. Releasing later this week is Alice in Wonderland: Puzzle Golf Adventures created by TapStar Interactive (Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary) and Paladin Studios (Momonga Pinball). What would make Alice follow the white rabbit in this day in age? He stole her Smartphone of course.

With slingshot gameplay, Alice will have to be navigated through varying mazes and down the rabbit hole while trying to make Par. Yes, you read that correctly, Alice IS the ball (for clarification, she WILL be running and not actually rolling). Chess fields, the tea garden, the dark forest and the treacherous palace that houses mirrored portals and the Queen’s personal card-guard army are the themes throughout the 70+ levels What mayhem and joy will you experience when you roll through Wonderland while meeting the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat?

Alice in Wonderland: Puzzle Golf Adventures Features:

– The first ever, mini-golf puzzle adventure
– Over 70 beautiful levels with four themes
– Classic, one-finger, “drag & release” slingshot gameplay
– Tricky puzzles and whimsical bonus levels
– Fantastical, orchestral score; one of the best on mobile
– Game center support for friends and high scores
– Based on the beloved classic story by Lewis Carroll and features all characters, both favorite and familiar
– Premium, “pay once” game with no “in-app purchases”

In what looks like a unique experience, Alice in Wonderland: Puzzle Golf Adventures sounds like it’s going to be worth a few minutes of your time. Check it out on in the Play Store on Thursday, May 19th. In the meantime you can check out the game’s trailer in the video below to see some the gameplay in action.

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