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Taxi City 1988 Has Gone Free

Taxi City 1988 can be best described as Crazy Taxi but without the craziness. In fact, you are better off thinking of Taxi City 1988 as a Taxi Simulator, rather than the classic arcade game.

Taxi City 1988 – A Cab Drivers Dream

Taxi City 1988 is a game all about being the best damn taxi driver you can possibly be. This means you need to be constantly re-investing you cash into bigger and better cars, not to mention a few upgrades along the way.

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If you are a competitive taxi driver, then you can go head-to-head against a taxi driver from across the world. Whoever makes the most successful pickups and drop-offs in the allotted time wins.

If you want to show off your taxi driving skills, then grab a copy of Taxi City 1988 from the Google Play store today.

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