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Team 17 Digital Limited is Having a Sale

That’s right Team 17 fans, the developers behind the Worms series is having a sale on all their Android Mobile titles. This sale includes Worms, The Escapists, Sheltered and more!

Worms 4 – 50% off

Worms 4 is the latest in the series on Android and was designed with mobiles in mind. Meaning gameplay should be the smoothest experience of all the Worms games.

Worms 3 – 50% off

Worms 3 is also a turn-based strategy game, but with more going on than any previous Worms game. There are four classes of worms to choose from and a selection of cards to collect.

Worms 2: Armageddon – 50% off

Worms 2: Armageddon is a staple of the mobile gaming community. Worms 2: Armageddon was a must play back in the glory days of mobile gaming. But, Worms 2 hasn’t been updated since 2014, so it may not be as polished as the newer additions.

The Escapists: Prison Escape – 54% off

The Escapists is a great prison escape game where your ingenuity is put to the test multiple times. Do you have what it takes to break out of some of the world’s most secure prisons?

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout – 30% off

The newest addition of The Escapists series delivers more than ever before. To put it bluntly, The Escapists 2 is better than the original in almost every way. But that doesn’t mean the original is a bad game, The Escapists 2 is just that good.

Flockers – 50% off

Flockers is a game where you try to guide as many of your sheep as possible to the end of the level. However, there are plenty of spikes, buzz saws and traps to avoid along the way.

Penarium – 60% off

Penarium is a 2D platformer where you play as Willy, a chunky little man jumping for his life. Make one mistake in any of the levels and say goodbye to your Willy as he gets sliced apart by deadly traps.

Sheltered – 50% off

Sheltered is a pixel art post-apocalyptic management game similar to Fallout Shelter. You live in a bunker underground and must expand, upgrade and scavenge your way through the wasteland to survive.

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