Teamfight Tactics Will Launch on Mobile in March, With a Closed Beta Launching in Select Countries Today

Teamfight Tactics, the upcoming autobattler by the team behind League of Legends, is officially coming to mobile in March, Riot Games has confirmed.

Much like a typical Auto Chess, you’ll build up a squad of heroes from a revolving roster, upgrade them, and hopefully outlast your opponents.

Teamfight Tactics is Auto Chess League of Legends Style

It features your favourite champions from League of Legends, full competitive support and matchmaking, and cross-platform support.

Riot Games has now confirmed that it will officially launch on mobile in March, though a closed beta has launched today in select countries.

Rather frustratingly, Riot Games hasn’t revealed which countries the closed beta is available in. So, as ever, please help each other out in the comments below.

You can still pre-register for Teamfight Tactics now on Google Play, to receive a notification as soon as it’s available in March.

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