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Tears of Themis Has Launched for Android

It feels like just thirteen days ago we were telling you that Tears of Themis from MiHoYo was set to launch on Android soon. That’s because it was, and now Tears of Themis HAS launched on Android. What a time to be alive and writing news stories about mobile gaming, eh?

The game mixes together detecting and romance in an interesting visual novel-esque package. You’re playing as a rookie attorney who gets sucked into a tangled web of conspiracies, intrigue and flirtation. That happens to us all the time.

You need to discover evidence, forge relationships with a bunch of different characters and try to get the bottom of all the nefarious goings on. Here’s a trailer that sort of explains some more stuff.

It all looks very heartfelt and earnest and weird and we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what you’re looking for from a visual novel, right? We know it’s what we’re looking for.

You can click here to download Tears of Themis from the Google Play Store right now. The game is free to play with IAP and you’ll need a device that’s powered by Android 5.0 and up to run it.

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