Tears of Themis Taking Players on a Romantic Rail Getaway

Mihoyo has announced that a brand new event is coming to its law-and-love adventure Tears of Themis. It’s called Romantic Rail Getaway – Treasured Time with Him, it sees you taking a train to some lovely places, and it’s kicking off this week.

There doesn’t appear to be any actual crimes to solve – instead the focus here will be on having a nice time with the romantic partner you choose to take with you.

You’ll see the sights, earn rewards, and keep a track of everything that happens in a special travel diary. Because you need to cherish those special memories.

Train for rewards

The rewards you’ll get for completing both journeys – one with Artem and one with Vyn – include the Leisurely Getaway Badge, S-Chips, SR Selection Stars and a bunch more.

Each of the journeys has five destinations and you can spend AP to check them out. The Romantic Rail Getaway event runs from February 25th until March 13th.

The next chapter of the main story will also launch during that period – March 3rd to be precise. It’s called A Vicious Cycle (I) and it involves the death of a student. Dark.

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