Teeny Tiny Town Is A Uniquely Relaxing Resource Management Experience

Don’t let its name fool you – Teeny Tiny Town is a resource management title with some serious depth. But these are depths that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their experience in interactive urban planning.

Recently released and developed by Short Circuit Studio, this is a puzzle game which looks to offer some refreshing twists on some of the more tired and archaic rules in the genre.

You have to complete small stages based around individual grids filled with various items. These include trees, roads, and houses. By combining these you can build further, and so on.

Your ultimate goal is to see how large you can make your town before the board reaches its limit. Collecting gold from building houses allows you to unlock further items, meaning the gameplay loop here can become fairly hypnotic (in a good way) before long.

The fast pace of combining your resources means this is a lot less po-faced and leaden paced than similar games in the genre, and means it can be enjoyed by anyone – even those who cringe at the thought of playing anything involving ‘urban planning.’

What elevates the experience further is the presentation, which is pitch perfect. The visuals are crispy and clear, but have character – no mean feat considering you’re looking at tarmac and trees most of the time.

Then there’s the soothing soundtrack as you play, combined with some perfectly judged ambient sound effects. It all combines to create a resource management game that feels far more dreamlike than any of its competitors. Which is a good thing, trust us.

The small stages also mean this is perfectly suited to short and sweet sessions of play on your smartphone. 

This certainly isn’t a relaxed game when it comes to the usual extra bells and whistles though, with a raft of extra options included. There are global leaderboards to compete with other teeny towns across the world, achievements to unlock, and support for multiple languages from French to Hindi. 
Teeny Tiny Town is available to download for free now on both Google Play and App Store.

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