Tekken Card Tournament drops beta tags and launches onto Android

/we have been talking about Tekken Card Tournament on and off for the past couple of month with the game being in beta for the duration of that time. Well Namco Bandai has finally dropped the beta tags and officially released the game onto mobile devices. For those of you unfamiliar with this game, this is a cross-platform card combat game between Android, iOS and PC platforms based around the Tekken universe.

While actually having a Tekken fighting game would have been better, we will take what we can get for now. As you’re probably guessing, Tekken Card Tournament lets players pick who they want to play as and use cards to boost powers and unleash moves against the opponent they are fighting. It is a turn-based game and each turn you have three option you can choose from: Focus, Strike or Block. Depending on your choice, your character will do what they are told to do against their opponents.

The battles actually unfold in 3D animation so this is definitely not a static style of card combat game. Interestingly enough, this is one of those few games that actually have physical cards you can buy as well and play as an actual real CCG. The cards you buy can also be scanned into your game and added to your collection and used in-game.

For those of you up for some Tekken card combat action, you can download this game off of the Google Play store for free and is supported through IAPs for cards (via in-game currency) as well as having you go to an actual real life store and buying booster packs.

Google Play Link: Tekken Card Tournament

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