Telltale Games releases the premier trailer for the upcoming Season 3 for The Walking Dead

In other Telltale Games news, the upcoming Season 3 for The Walking Dead, called A New Frontier, has had its premier trailer released today for fans of the franchise to check out. The premier of this new season will actually go across two episodes instead of the usual single premier episode. What Telltale is planning to do, since this is a 2-part premier, is release two episodes on the same day when the new season launches.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage about this new season, this will follow the same format as previous season with a total of five episodes. What we didn’t have much information on before is the storyline for this season, and while that hasn’t changed a whole lot as of yet, we do know a little more about what to expect in Season 3, at least at the start of it.

A New Frontier begins with Javier and a little about his background. We will witness how the beginning of the zombie plague affected him and his family before moving forward in time to years later, where he encounters a very familiar face. Unfortunately that is pretty much it for right now story-wise. However, the new premier video does give us a bit of a better glimpse into the beginning of Season 3.

So when can you grab the premier episodes for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season 3? Well if everything lands on time, the premier will be happening on December 20th, 2016. Both episodes that are part of the premier will launch on that day, and all platforms will be receiving the launch on the same day as well. So no more Batman style launches hopefully.

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