Telltale Games reveals more details about The Walking Dead: A New Frontier at PAX West

During Telltale Games’ panel at PAX West the company revealed a new series that would be coming to pretty much all platforms, except VR, called The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. This actually is a new season for the ongoing The Walking Dead series that Telltale Games has been doing.

This would be the third season for The Walking Dead through Telltale Games and it is expected to have the same amount of episodes as the previous seasons, which was a total of 5 episodes per season. This was originally announced back during E3 2016 but since then not much has been revealed with regards to what this season would hold story-wise. There was also no release date or any other details revealed during E3 2016, but now we have some of those details as well.

For those of you interested in the upcoming third season storyline, here’s what we can expect:

This third new season will serve as both a continuation of what’s come before in our story, as well as an all-new beginning set nearly four years after the outbreak events of Season One. As a harrowing and horrific drama, ‘A New Frontier’ will explore beyond what it means to survive in a world ravaged by the undead, and will see our characters confronting the new rules of order and justice in a land being brutally reclaimed and rediscovered by what’s left of humanity itself. – Kevin Bruner, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games

Players will be assuming control of a new character named Javier, who is a man struggling to keep his family together in this new world. However, you will also be playing as Clementine, who is now a teenage survivor holding secrets of her past while fighting to protect family of her own. So there will actually be two storylines going at once in this season. Interestingly, both characters’ storylines will interconnect at one point.

As for a release date, right now there is just a November 2016 timeline for the premiering of the season with its first episode. When we learn more about a specific release date, and pricing information, we will post an update. You can check out the E3 2016 announcement trailer below in the meantime.

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