Terraria Will Finally Get Mobile Multiplayer on August 27

Terraria hasn’t received an update on mobile in over three years, but that’s all about to change this month when it finally receives the 1.3 update, introducing multiplayer.

The 1.3 update originally launched in 2015 for PC and consoles, and introduced a bunch of new items and features to the game. This includes multiplayer, Expert mode, and a host of changes to crafting.

Terraria’s 1.3 Update Includes Multiplayer, Expert Mode, and More

Hopefully all of the changes will transfer over to mobile, as the list is pretty extensive. Expert mode in particular is pretty exciting, which ups the challenge in exchange for greater rewards.

Crafting also received massive improvements, allowing you to craft items from a chest, the Alchemy Table, and a bunch of new items.

You can read the full list of possible changes on the Terraria wiki. We’re not sure exactly which features will make the cut, but hopefully the vast majority of what we see here will make it into the game.

If you fancy getting back into Terraria, you can grab it right now on Google Play ahead of the 1.3 update launching on August 27.

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