[UPDATE: Game Released] Tesla Tubes is a new puzzler heading to Android later this month

Kiloo Games have announced that their newest title, called Tesla Tubes, will be launching onto mobile devices later this month. This particular game is an interesting little puzzler where players will be trying to connect the matching batteries and cover your circuit board with tubes to power up a magical machine park.

UPDATE: Thursday, March 17th – 2:31 AM, PST: Kiloo Games has released their latest title, Tesla Tubes for you to enjoy. The game is free to download. Keep in mind that Kiloo Games also created the popular game Subway Surfers, so we know they know how to make great free to play games. The link to download the game can be found at the end of this article.

While this is a puzzle game at its core, there also happens to be some strategy gameplay in it as well, with players needing to dodge bombs, cross bridges, and deal with all kinds of other obstacles in the process of connected said batteries. Each level has multiple solutions to it as well, although there is only one perfect solution which will earn players gold stars. These solutions use the least amount of moves possible.

Tesla Tubes Features:

– Learn it in seconds – play for hours
– Super addictive, brain-teasing puzzles
– Explore more than 500 unique levels
– Earn Gold Stars for perfect solutions and unlock secret surprises

Tesla Tubes will be completely free to play when it launches onto mobile devices, which from our understanding is free with no IAPs either. As for when you will be able to get your hands on this game, Tesla Tubes will be landing on Android on March 17th. We will post an update once it actually arrives.

Developer Website: Kiloo Games

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