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Tetragon Is A Puzzler That Taps Into Your Emotions

Okay, perhaps that headline is a little over the top. But Tetragon, the new release from developer Cafundo Studios, is not your average puzzle platformer.

How Puzzling

Released on Console and PC back in 2021, it’s now available on Google Play – and seems a much better fit on the smaller screen. In our humble opinion anyway.

You play as Lucios, a lumberjack who is thrown into various puzzles and mazes. You have to solve these by rotating the stages in various ways. This sounds simple, but as is the way with these types of puzzler, things swiftly get more and more complex as you progress. 

What’s most intriguing is that there’s actually a decent story involved here, hence the headline to this very article. It involves the father (Lucios) and his unconditional love for his son, who he’s looking to reunite with.

Mobile Friendly

This doesn’t appear a quick and dirty port either, with controls adjusted around mobile and even some extra hidden stages thrown in. Which is nice.

The game’s stunning visuals appear to have made the leap across with little trouble either. Which is no mean fear considering Tetragon’s aesthetics are certainly a huge part of its appeal.

You can buy Tetragon on Google Play now for £5.09 or equivalent value depending on where you might be located in the world. 

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