The 1978 Mattel Football LED Football game is now available for Android

If you happen to be as old as I am, and I am not that old, then you have had a chance to play a lot of the handheld LED games from back in the day. One of the more popular ones happened to be the Mattel LED Football game which originally hit the store shelves back in 1978. Well that game is now available on Android via the Amazon App Store.

Officially named LED Football, this recreation of the Mattel 1978 LED Football handheld game was developed by touchGrove LLC. For those of you unfamiliar with this very retro game, you play as offense while the computer AI plays defense. You will be controlling the offense, avoiding tackles and trying to score as much as you can. It is a faithful recreation of the actual handheld game complete with the original sounds.

As of right now it is only available on the Amazon App Store and there is no word on whether it will arriving on the Google Play store down the road. For those of you who love all things retro, you can pick this up for $1.99.

Amazon Market Link: LED Football

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