The Acclaimed Text-Based Duels RPG Has Just Got a Chapter II Update

Duels RPG is a text-based RPG with a modern twist. If you’ve never played it before, this is a good time to start, since developer Adam has just released a massive Chapter II content update. 

The game is a text adventure roguelike with an easy to learn, hard to master turn based combat system. It sees you picking skills from the classic RPG selection of mage, assassing, warrior, and so on before embarking on an adventure that involves bringing down an evil mage and his Crimson Cult, who have been abducting the local townsfolk. 

It has all of that good stuff you remember from reading gamebooks or playing DnD games back in the day, but with modern roguelike features such as counter skill combat. That means you’ll use frost spells to take down fire mages, use keys to disarm traps, and so on. 

Choose your path

Because Duels RPG is a choose-your-own-adventure roguelike game, your choices are hugely consequential. You’re married to every decision, till death do you part (which could be sooner rather than later if you get it wrong). 

To triumph in battle you’ll need to be agile, adapting your fighting style to the threat you’re facing. Every enemy has a weakness, and success lies in always being ready to exploit that weakness, while protecting your own.

Crucially, while Duels RPG contains in-app purchases it’s never pay to win. The only way to succeed is by collecting the best gear, using the right runes at the right times, finding the secrets, and generally being the better player. 

Duels RPG has a keen following among classic DnD fans, resulting in an impressive 4.5 stars from 6293 user reviews on the Google Play Store. Players have described it as, “unexpectedly refreshing”, “fun and addictive”, and simply, “awesome”. 

You can download Duels RPG – complete with a whole new chapter – for free right now on Google Play

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