The Angry Birds animated series will be arriving in-game soon

It has been no secret that Rovio has been planning a cartoon based off of Angry Birds for quite some time now and it appears that it will be arriving soon. Interestingly enough, aside from being on TV, the Angry Birds animated series will also be available for viewing right inside your Angry Birds game according to an announcement by Rovio today.

So how is this going to work out? Basically there will be a new option within Angry Birds games that will allow players to watch the animated series on their mobile devices. The series will also be available on select Video-on-Demand channels as well as Smart TVs. Rounding all of that off, the toon series will also be available on regular TV on select networks around the world.

The Angry Birds Toon series will feature 52 episodes with a new episode released each week for everyone to watch. In regards to the TV premier, that will be happening on March 16th while in-app viewing and video-on-demand channels will have the series premier on March 17th, 2013. If there is any other way Rovio can milk the Angry Birds franchise, we can’t think of it but we are sure this isn’t the last product the company will be coming out with regarding Angry Birds.

Website Referenced: Rovio

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