The Angry Birds movie and Angry Birds Action! are integrated together

Rovio has made an announcement to remind people to keep their phones on, instead of off, if they happen to be in a movie theater watching the new Angry Birds movie that hits theaters tomorrow. This is because the company’s newest game, Angry Birds Action!, has a special sort of integration with the movie.

It isn’t anything too crazy though. What it is, is that viewers of the movie can gain access to a special level within the game called Piggy Island. This level can only be unlocked while watching the movie in theaters and only during the closing credits. It’s actually a pretty interesting way to integrate a mobile game into something other than a console game or a companion application.

Once you’ve unlocked the level, you’ll be able to play it as much as you like. However, this isn’t the end of it either. There are a number of augmented reality mini-games that moviegoers can access by scanning BirdCodes during the movie’s opening weekend which are available at different locations around the world. For example, players can access the Angry Birds Whack-A-Mole style of game by scanning a BirdCode available at McDonald’s when ordering a Happy Meal. There are a few LEGO themed ones as well, and PEZ is even in on the action.

Example of a BirdCodes

Luckily for you, we have a pretty nice list of where some of the BirdCodes are and what they do:

  • More than two dozen unique BirdCode experiences within Angry Birds Action! have been developed with promotional and licensing partners
  • Each of the six LEGO Angry Birds playsets come with their own different augmented-reality mini-game, unlocked by scanning the BirdCode found on the last page of the building instructions
  • Play a “Whack-a-Pig” mini-game by scanning BirdCodes on McDonald’s Happy Meals, drink cups, wrappers and trayliners and also take selfies with characters from The Angry Birds Movie
  • Designs on H&M apparel include BirdCodes that unlock an endless runner mini-game starring Red, Chuck or Bomb
  • Fling virtual PEZ candies at pigs by scanning the BirdCodes on Angry Birds Movie PEZ dispensers
  • Go on an augmented-reality Egg Hunt with BirdCodes found on products by many more partners in local territories (for example, Peperami in Europe)
  • Go on a real-world scavenger hunt by visiting retailers such as Walmart or Toys ‘R’ Us, and looking for the BirdCodes on display. Scanning them unlocks additional power-ups and a different character (Red, Chuck, Bomb or a Pig) that provides a key to a mystery box in the game

All of this is available during the opening weekend of the Angry Birds movie, which starts tomorrow. You can download Angry Birds Action off of Google Play for free.

Source: Rovio

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