Play As A Quintessential Amnesiac In New Point-And-Click Title ‘The Apocalypse Sacrifice’

The Apocalypse Sacrifice

Love point-and-click games? Well, another one has just hit Android and it looks pretty interesting. Titled The Apocalypse Sacrifice, it’s been published by FOG Games. It’s their first title on Android and is free to play. It’s a new take on the classic genre, where piecing together who you are is just the beginning.

What’s The Apocalypse Sacrifice?

In the game, you wake up as the quintessential amnesiac adventurer. Your first puzzle is a note found stuffed in your mouth. Sounds like a pretty weird starting point, right? You’ll find yourself knee-deep in the town’s dark secrets as you regain your memories.

What makes this game stand out from the usual point-and-click titles is its combat system. Yes, there’s a combat system that gets to do more than just click around. You’ll be slashing at enemies’ weak spots with a sharp blade to paralyze them.

Now, The Apocalypse Sacrifice has multiple endings. So, your every choice matters. They’ll determine if you end up being the town’s saviour or you need to sacrifice any villager. Your decisions impact who survives and who doesn’t. Heck, make the wrong call, and you might get eaten, assassinated or squashed like a bug by some rocks.

It’s A Time-Traveling Adventure

The Apocalypse Sacrifice takes you through different eras, from ancient ruins to futuristic cities. Along with sightseeing, you’ll be hunting down items and documents and sifting through NPC dialogues to uncover what’s really going on. It’s all about digging up the truth! Why don’t you watch the video below and see for yourself?

Nostalgic meets new with The Apocalypse Sacrifice. If you’re a fan of games that exude 90’s style or if you love titles like the Broken Sword series, you’ll love this game. Go ahead and grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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