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The Battle Cats Celebrates Its 9th Year Since Launch With Paw-sitively Neat Rewards

The battle Cats title screen! Teeming with plenty of white cats of all shapes and sizes storming towards the viewer. Scary!!

Happy Birthday to the eccentric game, The Battle Cats! This brilliantly bizarre game created by PONOS Corporation celebrates its 9th year since launch with plenty of goodies for the players to shake their paws at. Of course, The Battle Cats released a video to give you all the updates for their future plots!

These cat-astrophic abominations are honuoring their birthday by rewarding the player base with 3k Cat Food, 15 Rare Tickets, and even a Platinum Ticket. This combined guarantees you will have at least 3 Uber Rare units! Me-wow, so generous! There’s also the return of the Wildcat Slot, with up to 900 cat food up for grabs, as well as capsule discounts. Plus, special 9th anniversary stages to clear! This all runs until October 23rd, so be quick!

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!

If you are wondering what on earth The Battle Cats is, let me introduce you! The Battle Cats is a frantic strategy war game where you recruit some normal, but mostly weird and uncanny kitties to defend your base. The game is simple in principle and very easy to learn, so you’ll be addicted in no time.

You get introduced to The Battle Cats with a little bit of violence. March in and destroy enemy territory in wacky, rampaging fights, using your army of mutant cats and their strange, yet unique fighting styles to conquer the world! You can uncover felines of all shapes and sizes, upgrade, and even evolve them into something new, which is probably more horrific than the last…

There is more to The Battle Cats than just weird antics and tapping cats into existence. Your enemies will also unleash strange animalia atrocities with the intent of knocking your base down. You must create a cat squad with good variety to make sure that doesn’t happen, and secure your win. Cats have different speeds, abilities, and most importantly, prices to summon.

I mean… Just look at how freaky some of these cats get. If you can call them that anymore?

 Are You Feline The Fun?

If you don’t want to miss out on so many awesome rewards, make sure you get the game now before the festivities end! The Battle Cats is ideal for anyone to play (Yes even your actual pet cat!). Though, you can’t come back here upset when your cat starts an uprising… Anyway, you can check out the game here on the Play Store!

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