The Battlefield 3 Battlelog app for Android may not be coming anytime soon

The Battlefield 3 Battlelog service, which tracks your stats from the game, was slated to get a mobile app which would allow you to check out your stats while on the go. While still slated for release on iOS, EA has now thrown a ‘may’ into the mix instead of a sure thing when talking about the app coming to Android.

Originally the app was slated for release on Android and iOS with a Windows and Blackberry version also possibly coming down the line. Unfortunately for us Android users, that sure thing about the Battlelog app coming to Android has now been grouped into the Windows/Blackberry group of ‘may’ be coming to instead. Here is a recent Tweet in response to someone asking about the Battlelog app and when it would be arriving for Android:

iOS will see it soon. Android, Blackberry, and Windows may see it yet in the future.”

While the iOS version of the app is a sure bet, the Android version has now been clumped up with Blackberry and Windows. This could mean it could be some time before the battlelog app for Battlefield will actually be released on Android, if at all. The iOS version still doesn’t have a release date either but at least people know it will be arriving soon. It seems a pretty weak move on EA’s part to make this app an iOS exclusive if that is what ends up happening.

Website Referenced: Product-Reviews

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