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(Updated) The Best Android Games on Sale This Week – Mega Black Friday and Cyber Monday Edition

Update – Since it’s now Cyber Monday, whatever that means, we’ve added a few more games to our big list of the best games currently on sale on the Play Store.

Oh look, it’s Friday. But it’s not just any Friday, it’s the most sale-filled Friday of them all – Black Friday. And that means that we’ve got an enormous list of awesome games that are currently on sale on the Play Store.

We’ve got oodles of choose-your-own adventures, we’ve got stacks of special shooters, we’ve even got the odd RTS thrown in there. Basically, there’s loads of games on sale, and plenty of awesome ones.

You can click on the name of a game in the list below to grab it from the Play Store. And if you think we’ve missed anything, make sure you share it in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

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