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The Black Widow is Coming Soon

The Black Widow is a creepy murder mystery game, where you get to interact with a dead lady. But not just any dead lady, you’ll be speaking to Louisa Collins, who was the last woman to hang in New South Wales Australia.

The Black Widow is at your fingertips

The aim of the game is simple, find out if Louisa Collins was guilty or unjustly executed. They present you with an Ouija board and can ask the deceased any questions you like.

You may not know much about Louisa Collins, Australia’s first female serial killer, but that’s the point. It’s up to you and your own prejudices to decide whether this Victorian-era court case ended with justice prevailing.

The Black Widow is arriving on our mobile devices sometime next week, so we will keep you posted when it finally arrives. If you would like to know more, then you can visit the Steam page.

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