The BlueStacks GamePop Android gaming console gets a price tag

Recently BlueStacks had announced that soon it would be releasing its own Android-based console system called GamePop which would be subscription-based in terms of accessing games. The unit itself has been up for pre-orders where you could get the console for free if you paid for a year’s worth of subscription service.

Now GamePop has an official price tag for those of you not wanting to fork out an entire year of gaming subscription service. To purchase a GamePop unit will run you $129 which would place this almost into direct competition with Ouya not only in the console space but in pricing as well. Of course where Ouya offers free-to-play games or games to try out for free with IAPs for full version purchasing, GamePop will charge people a flat monthly rate of $6.99/month to access full games at any time.

GamePop apparently has over 500 games already available for its console system with more developers being added to the roster all the time. It should be interesting to see which console comes out on top.

Official Website: GamePop

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