The Chicken Bandit comes to Android, saving the west from robots

The age-old struggle of cowboys versus robots has made its way to Android in the form of Chicken Bandit from SharkArm Studios. As a cowboy riding a rather large chicken instead of a horse, you set off to take out the evil robots.

The robots are trying to take over the west and as a lonely cowboy with a huge chicken that you ride on, you head out to rob trains, destroy robots and try to gather as much loot as possible. This little game is just a side-scrolling action game where you will be shooting at robots on various trains in different locations.

Along the way you will be able to buy upgrades with the loot you collect, purchase new items, go head-to-head in duels and eventually face off against a variety of bosses. The goal is to get to robot city where your chicken loving friends are being held captive. Graphically the game is pretty good and the overall gameplay is pretty fun although a little repetitive. Good news is though you are not just chasing trains all the time, there are plenty of other things to do like little bonus games.

If you are up for playing as a lonely cowboy who happens to be riding a giant chicken, you can grab Chicken Bandit off the Android Market for $2.99 or try out the free demo first before buying.

Developer Website: SharkArm Studios

Android Market Link: The Chicken Bandit

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